Our Features

Staff On boarding

We will work to capture all of your staff most relevant information and safely make it available online for easy access. Your new hires are off to a good start, as we work with them to capture all the relevant information, what will typically go into their files and make it available for your access anywhere.

Staff Performance Management

We will work with your supervisors to undertake performance reviews and post the results online for your information. We can structure the appraisal to reflect your organisation’s expectations and upload the results for your viewing online. We manage your talents, take decisions that will benefit your organisation, and provide you concise reports on your employees

Leave Management

A good HR system must be able to track employee time off and be set structures in place for continuity. You get prior information on all leave requests and decide whether to approve or not. You can also easily access information on who is on Leave, Who is due for leave, who is returning etc.

You also get information on remaining leave days to help with decision making. The dashboard has a calendar that will give you details on all of the Leave scenarios. We can tailor this according to your company policy depending on how many leave days you approve for each employee.

Accurate Reporting

Its time to take decisions based on accurate data and not based on your gut instinct. GHR Staff Center portal will supply you with accurate reports to support you take strategic decisions that will go a long way to impact positively on your business. We are able to generate detailed reports and share for you to acess. From workforce planning to approval tracking, our full reporting gives you the data you need to move forward with confidence.

Time and Attendance

Monitoring employee movement shouldn’t be a problem. We can install our time tracking machines on your site, download and provide you details on employee access and egress. Those should help every employer and employee to raise timesheets necessary for accurate payroll. We will monitor to ensure that our machines are not tempered with and able to record accurate data to be downloaded and made available to you online.

Employee Database

We provide reports that helps you to check employee contact information, Social Security Numbers, Next of Kin, Emergency contacts, bank details etc. All this are updated as and when to ensure accurate reporting. Changes will immediately inputted for you to access and utilise.

We will help you track employee records and information, from standard categories like personal and pay info to as much custom data as you want, we help manage relevant information and all of your key data will be available in one secure database. Plus, it’s accessible from anywhere at any time, so you’ll always have the information you need.

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