About Us

Ghana HR Solutions staff management portal works to simplify all of your staff management issues affording you the opportunity to monitor your staff, ensuring you that they perform at the optimum, whiles focusing on your core function.

Ghana HR Solutions through this portal will ensure that you gain access to your employee data where ever you are, enabling you to take instant decisions and be able to track those decisions all in one place.

View employee performance data, check who is on leave, monitor employee documents and movement all via this portal.

We as your staff management organisation will work to update this daily, keeping you in the loop on staff issues. You get instant report on all employee issues and you can access this anywhere.

For organisations that do not want to grapple with staff issues, we work with you to first onboard your staff and work to make them very productive. Leave the monitoring to us, login to gain instant access to all of your employee issues, employee files and provide directions on what to do.


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